Application at EUFH

Dear student, 

thank you very much for your interest in our university. We would be very pleased to welcome you at EUFH.

In the following we would like to inform you about important issues concerning your application as international student at EUFH. For more information please refer to the “Student Guide

1) Programmes

 Regular study programmes (taught in German)

2) Academic Calendar (all dates include the examination periods)

  •    Programmes for international students (in English):
    •    European Business Management: September 29th 2016 - December 31st 2016
    •    International Innovation Management: February 13th 2017 - May 26th 2017
  •    Regular study programmes (in German):
    •   Quarter 4/ 2015: October 4th 2016 - December 31st 2016
    •   Quarter 1/ 2016: January 2nd 2017 - March 26th 2017
    •   Quarter 2/ 2016: April 3rd 2017 - June 25th 2017
    •   Quarter 3/ 2016: July 3rd 2017 - October 1st 2017
Please note that you should always arrive at least one week before the official start of the quarter/semester.

3) Exams & attendance

  • Attendance is mandatory in all courses. If you miss 10 % or more of the classes you will not be permitted to take the final exams.
  • Exams usually take place during the last two weeks of the semester/quarter.

4) Application deadlines

  • Programmes for International Students (in English):
    • July 1st 2016 for European Business Management 2016
    • November 1st 2016 for International Innovation Management 2017
  • Regular study programmes (in German):
    • July 1st 2016 for Quarter 4 /2016
    • October 1st 2016 for Quarter 1/2017
    • January 1st 2017 for Quarter 2/2017
    • April 1st 2017 for Quarter 3 /2017


Step 1: Fill in the application form online, upload your photo in jpg-format (max. size: 2 MB), save and print the application form.

Step 2: Sign the application form.

Step 3: Print the course catalogue and tick the relevant boxes. Please note: it is not possible to combine courses of the different programmes.

Step 4: Send the documents listed below via regular mail in paper version to “Europäische Fachhochschule, International Office, Kaiserstr. 6. 50321 Brühl / Germany”

  1. Printed and signed application form
  2. Printed course catalogue with your course selection
  3. Copy of your ID-card / passport
  4. Your recent “Transcript of Records” in English language
  5. Proof of a valid Health Insurance, e.g. European Health Insurance Card
  6. Nomination Letter issued by your university, signed and stamped by your home coordinator
  7. If you are participating in the "Regular Studies": Confirmation of German language proficiency (at least level B 1 according to the Common European Framework of References and Language)
Please note: Your application will not be processed until we receive all the required documents in paper version. Incomplete or late applications will not be accepted!